May 3, 2020

FAQ : 12 Common Astrology Myths and Facts among Indians on Love Marriage

1⃣. Is it important to see Traditional Astrology Match for Love Marraige? No. It won’t help. A traditional match is illogical irrational one. Dont believe in that.
October 14, 2019

What is solution for Rajju Dosham ?

My Marraige is Love Marriage. I and my wife dont have Rajju Match. But we went on to marraige out of love and i can say we are one of the most happiest couple in the world.So dont worry about Rajju Dosham. It is meaningless. I will explain Rajju Match step by step.
October 14, 2019
Rahu Ketu Dosham

What happens if a Rahu Ketu Dosham girl marries a boy without Rahu Ketu Dosham?

Rahu - Ketu Dosham is meaningless. There is no need to worry about Rahu-ketu dosham. But Psychological match is more important than any Dosham. If the couple have better understanding about each other kindly proceed with the marraige.
October 14, 2019

Can people marry with same rashi and Natchatiram?

Yes. You can marry for sure. People in general don’t give much issues to same Rashi Marraige.But When it comes to Same Natchatiram , Sensitive Rajju Mismatch is there. Since popular belief claims Rajju match is most important in marraige, People afraid of getting married to same Natchatiram.
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