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Time Science is a rational adaption of traditional astrology which uses complex data analytics based algorithm along with birthplace and birth time to gain a better understanding of the specific individual. It has an inbuilt module to recalibrate birth time using a unique psychometric method to identify the most accurate individual behavior pattern.

How can Thiru Lakshman solve your problems

Thiru Lakshman invented Time Science Astrology to establish Astrology as a universal science
for the betterment of human life across the world

Solutions through Accurate birth time

Thiru Lakshman provides a better solution through finding your exact birth time up to 5-sec accuracy

Unique Counselling Sessions

Astrology session with Thiru Lakshman is more likely a counselling session with a friendly Psychologist.

Avoids Superstitions

Avoiding superstitions like Pooja, Temple visits, and Gemstones , Thiru Lakshman provides practical and logical Solutions

Innovative Business Solutions

Thiru Lakshman connects psychology of the Entrepreneur to provide profitable Business solutions


Kindly watch this video to know why Time Science is most accurate advanced
and scientific astrology so far invented

Latest Articles

December 19, 2020

In the Name of Doshas

Dosha is not something mysterious and doesn't indicate fear for life or other misgivings. Mainly It is not about death. Dosha represents two things, as explained below.
June 22, 2020
Suicidal Thoughts and Prevention in Astrology


1️⃣4️⃣  ஏன் எல்லாரையும் மகிழ்ச்சியில் வைப்பவனால் மகிழ்ச்சியாக வாழ முடியவில்லை? பூக்கள் அழகாக பூக்கிறது என்பதற்காக வேர்கள் ஆழமாக இருக்கும் என்று கூற முடியாது. ஒரே காற்றில் பூக்களும் மரமும் சேர்ந்து வேரோடு விழ சாத்தியம் அதிகம்.
June 22, 2020
Mercury Planet for Writing

எழுத்தின் கிரகம் என்ன?

ஒலி என்பது காதால் கேட்பது.ஸப்தம் , இசை மற்றும் மொழி அனைத்தும் அடிப்படையில் ஒலி.கண்களை மூடினாலும் அவற்றை உணரமுடியும்.ஆனால் எழுத்து ஒலி அல்ல.எழுத்து ஒளி வடிவம். கண்களால் பார்ப்பது. கண்களை மூடிவிட்டால் எழுத்து தெரியாது.

What Our Clients Say

Time Science collects all data independently from our valuable customer.Time Science stands behind the
authenticity of all the data published.
  • Many of us, though have a lot of inner power and capabilities, most of the time they go unnoticed because of ignorance and due to people around us who underestimate them!so, so ofter we need a person who brings all the powers out of us! One such person is Thiru, with whom I had a session, which I can say, made me see life from a different perspective.
  • Thiru Lakshman is a true healer in the making. He's well versed and passionate in what he believes in and I must say that this whole scientific astrological concept he is into is amazing. I loved the part where I was shown how our time of birth paves our life path and why every journey has its own significance and lessons to be learned.Thank You, Lakshman.
  • Had a consultation session with him. Thoroughly enjoyed the session. He has a science mix to astrology which is impressive. I would recommend t. Give it a try. The best part is he knows what he is doing!!
    Dr. Kuppuraj Sengottuvel
    PhD Scholar, Oxford University, UK
  • Astrology Review
    Thiru Sir is thorough profession in his approach. Very friendly person and soon in discussion does realised that I was talking to him first time. He has step by step unearthed my personality and why I am the way I am. He also helped me how should I approach opportunity and individual to be better in life. Feels like that this is not the last discussion I had with him. Will keep talking to him in future too.
    Senior Project Manager , Amway
  • That's a great experience of talking to you, sir. The way you calculating the time of birth and the characters of a person is really wonderful. The way you suggest a solution to the problem is great and the way you guide for the future is good and you bring a positive attitude in one's mind after a conversation is really a great job. Thank you sir.
    Arun R.P
    School Teacher
  • Astrology Review
    had a good session  with time science about my sons birth predictions. Feel more positive and identified his positives and lagging areas to concentrate as a parent. I am very pleased with the services and recommend others to use this platform to eliminate the fear on future.
    Construction Engineer, Dubai
  • Astrology Review
    Thanks for providing valuable insights which gave a clear understanding on upcoming actions required in shaping my kids future. Really impressed by the way Thiru lakshman is zeroing in on birth time accuracy by understanding the character and behaviour. His predictions are pin point and will really aid us in deciding forthcoming approach.
    Abi Arun
  • Astrology Review
    I had two sessions  with thiru.lakshman sir regarding  my future job perspective  and my personal problems in life. His solutions for that can be followed  easily. From my experience he is a prodigy.. he will become a powerful  man in near future..because  his knowledge  is such.. just watch his videos in YouTube channel of him.. you by yourself  can understand.. only a true minded people like him is needed for astrology now..very happy that I had a contact of him before he became  a busy  man...Thanks Thiru.Lakshman sir for all his sharings.. ?
    Book Shop Owner
  • Astrology Review
    Whenever , I am in confused state or before taking critical step , I seek his help and really it helped lot and make me comfortable.
    Senior Project Manager , Melbourne
  • Sundar Narayanan
    It was a nice discussion...when Lakshman was describing our characters most of times she and I looked at each other and nodded with acknowledging smile... Some times we raised eye brows saying "What?!... I didn't know that!". Some interesting points that we noticed about us below... We both love hearing songs, but do not sit together and listen because she is ok to listen it played from TV across noisy hall, I love it in headphone mode with details of music in it - Remedy : we are going to get a good music system to listen together. She values us to spend time chit chatting or taking a walk on terrace, me and my son want a separate space at home with no disturbance - Remedy: she needs to pull us out of home somewhere together, so that we all come out of our respective boxes and stay tuned with her for the "us" time she cherishes. I am ok to buy a second hand fully loaded honda city in good deal where as she would love a new car it's ok if it's a swift or even smaller one : Remedy - Do what the boss likes ? More importantly- cooking is opposite energy for her and positive energy for me... Anything she cooks, my stupid tongue can find fault and give a comment... Remedy: I have asked her to stop cooking if she does not feel like it. Either I should cook(incidentally I have the strong trait for cooking) or if time and circumstances does not permit we want to outsource it ... Many such points came up ... Limiting myself due to space constraints To summarize... Out of sheer love for each other we sometimes do not even state our preferences to family... Or feeling guilty of violating unwritten social norms we try to live with discomfort forced on us by system (like cooking for my wife) - These kind of unspoken hardships come out black and white in discussion and we can work out a common ground where all of us are felt valued and cared. After all, that's the purpose of family...Thanks Lakshman …
    Sundar Narayanan
    Founder of TEAMS , Engineer Services Company
  • Taking the Time science consultation for our family was one of the best choices we made in life. We were very much surprised that you could exactly describe the basic characters and behavior of every one in our family with reasons. With the clarity we got on unspoken lifestyle preferences of each of us (we are married for over a decade), I am sure our understanding on ourself and each other increased. Our ultimate aim when we came to this consultation was to make our living space a bit more comfortable for all of us, so that we should love to come back home daily and enjoy each other’s company. With newly acquired understanding of each one’s comfort zone, each of us  able to make minor adjustments and make all of us feel belonged at home. Time science has put us on fast track in pursuit of happiness.
  • Consulted for my kids, helped to understand our kids strength and provided inputs on how to guide kids. We were able to feel the connect and gave us confidence. Kudos to the new way of astrology followed by Lakshman.
    Raji Perumal
  • He is certainly the best astrologer that I have encountered. His scientific approach towards astrology is truly remarkable and his way of explaining life events is very accurate. I am so much relieved after our discussion and he was literally reading my mind. I was blown away! I would gladly recommend his service to anyone in distress or seeking directions. Great job Lakshman! My sincere gratitude for your service!!
    Vignesh Sundar
    Scientist , Singapore
  • I was having a very tough time in my life, took heal your inner self consultation with him.he adjusted my birth time and told about my characteristics. He did counsel to help me overcome my distress. I felt relieved after weeks of pain and agony. I also booked  several other services with him for my family after my first session.He even gave me ideas and suggestions for to cure my migraine. Thank you,Sir. Wishing you all success and may you reach more and more heights.:)
    Children Book Author , Chennai
  • The solutions he provides for issues are practical and doable , especially it makes sense.What he is doing is service through astrology like how other important profession like medicine and teaching.One can understand his solutions who can analyze the problem from all different perspective.Highly recommend him to see marriage porutham.
    Priyalakshmi Mohan
    Software Engineer, USA
  • Senthil Kumar Alwar,
    Second time consultation... Truth slaps you hard in the face and it's done via Lakshman ji once again... The questions I had in the paper format came as answers from him , which was not shared to him in prior... He is pushing me now to move towards higher possibilities..Hope I follow it and grow ????
    Senthil Kumar Alwar,
    Software Engineer , Chennai
  • Lakshman has a deep understanding of astrology and it's impact on individuals. His analysis of astrology as a conjunct between and within space and time gives a different dimension to understanding the self. Through him, one could understand that life is not to be controlled by various astrological gimmicks but to position oneself within the larger spectrum of universe and try and align oneself to it on order to live in harmony. In short, he makes us understand our position as a part of the larger universe and not just an independent entity.  He also listens patiently to the person and explains the reason for certain activities in depth. For me, it was a great learning to meet him. He has done extensive research and is very passionate about astrology. I wish and hope that his research will see a bigger response.
    Lakshmi Swaminathan
    Architect & Documentary Film Maker
  • Astrology Review
    I don't believe in Astrology. I am a scientist. There are many reasons why I believe that astrology is fake and nothing but a pseudoscience. why am I writing this review? Lakshman anna is a good friend of my very own anna, Sundar. When Sundar said that Lakshman does this astrology thing based on data science, I became only a bit curious in the science part of it. When I spoke to Lakshman, the first thing I told him was I don't believe in astrology and I'm just talking because my brother asked me to. Although we talked in phone, I could feel him smiling. He promised me that he won't ask me to visit a temple or do a pooja to ward off evil effects. Good. For my job, I regularly do analysis of huge data. People working in machine learning and artificial intelligence will vouch that you can find patterns in data. I try to find pattern in my data and use physics to explain reason or root cause for the pattern. To my understanding, Lakshman tries to find pattern in people's behaviour and uses astrology to explain the reason. One of the very first things Lakshman does it to identify the time of birth accurately - to the second. While doing this he asks a lot of questions about your behaviour at different situations. He then establishes a stunning coincidence between positions of the celestial entities and your character. While I was least interested in their positions, what kindled my interest was the way he brought out certain behavioural traits in my character and associated it with some of the decisions I took in the past. He talks about Guru or Kedhu to explain judgmental or understanding behaviours. I don't believe Guru or Kedhu affects my life, but I do believe that (their) corresponding behaviours I have, certainly affects my life. Once your characters are established, Lakshman then explains what areas people with similar characters usually excel at. This opens doors to new avenues where you are more likely to perform better. Like a piece of iron that aligns with a magnet, your qualities tend to get you naturally aligned with certain skills, professions or even people. This gives you new directions to look at - professional or personal. This gives you new perspective to understand the people in your life. This, is quite an interesting data science. Talk to him whether or not you believe in astrology, whether or not you believe what you read here. Talk to him. You would be surprised. 🙂
    Palani Kumar
    Scientist , Bangalore
  • Astrology Review
    Almost 1 hour we discussed about my personality from birth to till now. Initially when my by friend Sriram told I don't believe it, after our call it's like magic point to point you briefed about my personality. Definitely the young generation need your guidance for their successful career. Thanks lot for your time and guidance ?? Thank you God and the Universe for bringing out such good soul Mr.Lakshman who helps in flourishing and impacting lot of lives.
    Newton Raj
    Social Worker , Chennai
  • Astrology Review
    I think of Laxman as a place where we could find the answers about ourselves. Time Science gives us the insight to lead our decisions in the right path. I recommend to everyone who is in a confusion, about a decision in your life...both professional and personal...
    Network Engineer , Trivananthapuram
  • Astrology Review
    I thank Mr. Lakshman for his service towards Time Science. It's a new concept in astrology and I appreciate the way he handles and researches it. I had Astrology based career counseling from him and was totally sync with my thoughts and had insight about my career path with help of Time Science. I also had self healing session for my anxiety issues and had a clear picture post consultation. Am doing ground work to know all the possibilities and scope for my career with help of him. Will be applying for few courses and jobs as per his advise. Thanks a lot sir.
  • Astrology Review
    This is something new. A very rare research done by mr lakshman and the consultation was extremely satisfied. Now i have a extraordinary picture on what field should i focus in business. Highly recommended…
    Entrepreneur, Malaysia
  • Astrology Review
    It's far away from old traditional astrology. This combo of science and astrology is more logic and help to understand the purpose of our birth and its clearly explain and guide how to shape our future. Apart from that, Mr. Lakshmanan is a great counsellor. I had cleared most of my doubts and now confident on my purpose and decision making. I felt that I'm talking to my best friend instead of talking to a consultant. Highly recommended. Thank you so much bro.
    Putrajaya , Malaysia
  • Astrology Review
    I have come across sir and he is the best not one of the best.. believe me not a single word was wrong about me and my partner.. everything was up to the point precise and exact.. we had a rajju porutham dosha and my partner has got mangal dosha as well, but that is all nonsense.. pls consult sir once and your life will be much much better i must say. After the counseling my life has changed and we are very happy together.Thank you sir for giving time and clearing all my queries with such calm and composure.
    Sathish Jayapaul

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